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Why January 22nd is the Day of Tears

Here is the story of the Day of Tears.

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Our message is this: January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.

Welcome to the Day of Tears website

“January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.” That is our message.

We have only two goals. The first is to name January 22nd, the Day of Tears, and the second is to encourage people to lower their flags in mourning on that day.

It was on January 22, 1973 that seven Justices of the Supreme Court said that they had discovered a right to abortion in the Constitution. That assertion, in the case of Roe v. Wade, is a legal fiction, as the Constitution does not secure such a right.

Some days have names, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day. We seek to name a new day. It will be called the Day of Tears, and it will be a day of national mourning.

The second goal is to encourage people across the country to fly their flags at half-staff on January 22nd. As Americans awaken on that day and go about their daily business, they will see flags lowered and ask, Who died?

Ordinary Americans, such as you, cannot change the Supreme Court. You cannot pass a Constitutional Amendment. And, you cannot force Congress to act. But you can lower your flag.

You are one solitary American. However, you will be joined by millions of other solitary Americans. When the nation sees the flags lowered in mourning, it will pause and remember the precious innocents who have perished, and there is nothing the Supreme Court or Congress or Planned Parenthood can do to stop it.

We believe that if the culture can be changed, that will contribute to the ending of abortion.

The Day of Tears team asks you to tell everyone you know, by every means possible, “January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.”

The Day of Tears is a national pro-life organization, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has been granted non-profit status by the IRS. The Day of Tears name has received Trademark Registration and Protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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