A letter from my heart

Our message is this: January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.

January 28, 2017

A letter from my Heart

From Diana Shores, Director of Social Media for the Day of Tears

I have always been pro-life. I was raised in a pro-life family. I grew up knowing that all life has value and that God’s creation should be preserved and not destroyed. As I’ve gotten older, the life message has become personal and precious to me.

As a mother, I’ve felt life beginning within. I’ve seen the tiny heartbeat on the monitor and listened to the gentle galloping sound on the Doppler. I’ve been scared a few times that my little one was less than perfect, but heard God’s gentle whisper that He makes all things glorious.

I’ve worked with those with severe physical impairments and disabilities. When I looked into their eyes and could see inside, I knew they too were God’s plan. I knew that they were unique, special, worthy of protection, and valued.

I’m blessed to have a young man in my life who is different. When I hear his loud laughter I am reminded time after time of the value of his life. I am reminded how loved he is by his family and how he completes their story. Had the doctors had their way with the pre-birth diagnosis he would be nothing more than another statistic. But God moved.

I know the struggles faced by a loved one who was date raped. Abortion was just legalized and that option was before her. She rejected it to give life knowing that in her small town it wouldn’t be easy. I know of her courage and her struggles.

I’ve heard story after story about how abortion hurts, but I’ve also witnessed the triumph of choosing life. If we could all just share our stories of hope, lend a hand to those who are hurting, hug that mom, reach out to that dad, and just love one another, then we can end this culture of death.

Abortion not only kills an innocent baby, but it kills something inside of all of us. To end this, we must begin by telling women the truth about abortion and exposing the industry’s corruption. We must recognize that all life has value. It begins with you.

What will you do this year? Will you volunteer at your pregnancy center? Host a baby shower at your church for a single mom? Mentor a scared new mom and dad? Write a letter to your elected officials asking them to pass a life-saving law? Give a financial donation to a pro-life group? Everyone can do something.

I will keep fighting, hoping, loving, and praying until there are tears no more.


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