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Our message is this: January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.

September 15, 2017

From Diana Shores, Director of Social Media

It is so amazing to the Day of Tears team that we have made it this far. Just two years ago, the Day of Tears was just a concept, a sentiment really.

It began with the questions, “Who mourns for the lost? Who is recognizing the gaping holes in our generations left by abortion? When will women, men, & their families, hurt by the choice of abortion, feel free to mourn their abortion and honor their loss? Who will lower the flag for them?”

We are here to embrace those who chose abortion with open arms that affirm life. We are here to lovingly tell them that all life is precious and we acknowledge that abortion has hurt them.

We are here to mourn the innocent who have perished as a result of the culture of abortion. We are here to cry out for a better way until there are tears no more. We are here to ask you to lower your flag on January 22nd in remembrance, for it was on that day in 1973 that the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a newly discovered constitutional right.

Thank you for liking our posts, sharing our message, and supporting our efforts. In our first two years we managed to grow ourselves, and our message. We started out here in Virginia. Just activists from small towns seeking to make a difference.

This year, we were able to get our first resolution of acknowledgement of life passed by the Virginia General Assembly. And, we shall not stop here….

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