Our message is this: January 22nd is the Day of Tears. Please lower your flag.


Lawrence D., Lubbock, Texas

Lawrence D., A Life Champion from Lubbock, Texas

Exactly twenty-five years ago (November 1991) I read an article in The Readers Digest about a national organization called Nurturing Network. They were located in all fifty states and twenty-six foreign countries.

The Founder, Mary Cunningham Agee, established that Ministry to provide compassionate assistance, mainly to college students who were experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Mary talked to 100 Mothers exiting an abortion clinic and this research revealed that 85 out of 100 clients were college students and working Moms.

I proceeded to set up a crisis pregnancy center in Lubbock, Texas which has now saved over 1,000 babies by providing individually tailored assistance to their Mothers. The rest is history.

Lawrence D.
Founder, Nurturing Center

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Katie W., Oxford, Ohio

Katie W., a Life Champion from Oxford, Ohio

In January of this year I finished my Masters degree, just in time to welcome my second son into the world. My plan was to find something part-time that would pay enough to get by. My husband and I live on a farm and still need some money to supplement his income.

I prayed, and just before my son was 6 weeks old, I received an email about a job opening at our local Pregnancy Care Center. It was part-time hours, an amazing boss, but, my plans for bigger pay due to higher education were not in the mix! God had called me to something bigger than myself, something that would open my eyes to the hidden truths about abortion rates and why women feel they are left with this option and nothing else.

Since I took my position at the center, I have experienced nothing less than God’s grace, mercy and love. His perfect timing has brought the right people to our doors at the right time, both clients and needed volunteers and donors. It has been an honor to be called to serve Him in this position, and He still has managed to allow our family to make ends meet when needed most.

I plan to spend the rest of my life as a voice for the unborn, as the work we have to complete is mighty and reaches not only a national, but an international scale as well. Without life there cannot be hope, family, and most importantly, an opportunity to share the message of Christ.

This is my story, a beginning to what will be a lifelong novel.

Katie W.
Oxford Women’s Care Center
Oxford, Ohio

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Cheryle McCann, Palestine Texas

From Cheryle McCann, A Life Champion from Palestine, Texas

My name is Cheryle McCann and I am a post-abortive woman who has overcome guilt, shame and regret by the power of God. I became pregnant at 17 and had an abortion due to lack of encourgament, support and desperation. My life was changed forever in a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Abortion did not solve my problems but only made them worse. I suffered from guilt, shame and regret for over 30 years, but thanks to a wonderful godly pastor and his wife who spoke truth over me, the Lord healed me.

Now I am the Executive Director of Living Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Palestine, Texas and have had the opportunity to share my story with girls contemplating abortion and have seen them choose life! God can take anything that the enemy means for harm and evil and use it for good! I love to share my story also with those who have had abortions, to let them know that there is healing at the foot of the cross and complete and total freedom because of that healing! What a mighty God we serve!!

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Leigh Ann Trzinski, a friend from Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Leigh Ann Trzinski writes,

It was a normal morning until the phone rang, breaking the silence. A woman was on the phone desperately asking for ultrasound services. She was pregnant with her fourth pregnancy and had an abortion appointment scheduled just a few days away. She needed to see her baby to be sure this was the right decision for her.

Through the grace of God, we were able to meet with her and provide free ultrasound services that very afternoon. The client revealed that she had two prior abortions, and abortion was the route her and the baby’s father decided for this pregnancy. The client received compassionate, caring help that afternoon, and through many tears, she decided to speak to the new baby’s father about other options.

This particular client decided to choose life for her unborn baby. She saw the fingers, the toes, and the heartbeat of her new baby, and was given love and kindness by the staff.

This decision made an enormous impact on the life of not only her unborn child, but also on her oldest daughter’s life as well. After choosing to share with her daughter about her past abortion experience, her daughter revealed that she too was pregnant and was contemplating abortion, but instead chose life.

In pregnancy center work, it is more than just helping woman discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of choosing life. It is helping them love the life within them, empowering them to make the best decisions possible as they take the next steps forward in their unplanned pregnancy. Through caring staff and individuals, we assist them in discovering their nurturing abilities, and provide education that will set them on a path that is ready for parenting.

Choosing to work in a center that loves life even at the earliest of stages is something that brings me and the staff at First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center great joy. We get to experience the joys of a new mom and dad glowing with pride over their ultrasound images; we help women triumph in what can often be the scariest time of their lives; we help those heal who have deep wounds from past abortions; we also walk the path of miscarriage, sharing the love of Jesus and the hope He provides; And we get the privilege to see people in their most vulnerable states, and build lasting relationships that often leave a lingering impact.

We are truly making a difference loving life.

Leigh Ann Trzinski, Executive Director
First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center
Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Phone (715) 345-0280

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Dean Welty, Harrisonburg, Virginia

A Pilgrim’s Journey from “Choice” to “Life”

How does one go from being blissfully ignorant about Life, to becoming a defender of “Choice”, and to where we are now – a voice for the Sanctity of Life?  In my case, it was all about God and Country.Dean 2011 019

Ignorant:  As a young man in the ‘60’s, I never imagined that anyone could intentionally take the life of an unborn baby.  And if they did, so what?  It was none of my business – was it?

Oblivious: In the ‘70’s, as a diplomat-in-training in Washington DC, I paid no attention when the Supreme Court “legalized” abortion.  So what?  It didn’t affect me, and did God care?  I never asked.

Indifferent:  In the early ’80’s, as part of the State Department’s US/China policy team, I even defended China’s “One Child” policy – including coerced abortions.  After all, it didn’t affect America — did it?

Concerned:  That all changed when our family returned to the U.S. in the late ‘90’s from our last overseas assignment, and we were struck by the moral coarsening of our culture.

Awakened:   That included the issue of Life, and my wife and I knew that we had to help repair the damage done by our ignorance and indifference.  Like Jesus’ parable of the tares, we had been asleep while all this was happening.  It was time to wake up.

Mobilized:  Janet began volunteering at our local Pregnancy Center.  We founded the Valley Family Forum with Life as a top priority.  We sponsored Pro-Life booths at public events. We helped promote Pro-Life legislation in the VA General Assembly.  We led bus trips to the March for Life in DC every Jan. 22.  Not much, but it’s what we could do.

For God, for Family, for Country!  More than anything, however, we realized that we had become too preoccupied with our own ambitions and had left God out of our lives.  That had to change.  It is now a time for personal repentance, for spiritual revival, and for national restoration.

Our Pledge:  Therefore, we too will lower our American flag on the Day of Tears in grieving memory of those already taken from us and in sacred pledge to fight on for those still to come.

It is a Pilgrim’s Journey – for Life.  So help us God.

Dean Welty

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Hank Chardos, a new friend in Columbia, South Carolina

Day of Tears has a friend in Columbia, South Carolina. His name is Hank Chardos and he and his wife Sally founded The Birthright Chapter of Columbia in 1980.

Anne Fitzgerald of the Day of Tears team sent an email to Hank asking him toHank Chardos Birthright spread our message and when Hank replied to Anne’s email, a new friend was found. They chatted via email and Hank shared his story of how he became an advocate for the preborn. He explained that when abortion landed at his front door, he and Sally knew they needed to act.

“Shortly after our first daughter Jennifer was born, a relative who was a high school student approached us and told us that she was pregnant and she was very concerned about her parents finding out. Several weeks later she contacted us to tell us that she had an abortion. The issue of life and abortion came in our front door.

Our family moved to South Carolina and my wife, Sally and I became active in the South Carolina Citizens for Life addressing the legislative and legal aspects of abortion. When we were asked what we were doing to assist girls and women faced with an unplanned pregnancy we realized that we were not. So, Sally and I founded the Columbia Chapter of Birthright in 1980.”

Working on the front lines, Mr. Chardos finds great joy in his work, “The greatest success is having the ability to offer help one person at a time. Many times not knowing what ever happened to the individual that you talked with but knowing that you offered help and hope.”

Mr. Chardos has terrific insight when it comes to counseling a woman in crisis, “it is important to allow her to know and understand that there is a baby within her and that whatever problems or concerns with the grace of God she can get from day to day. Never in over 35 years has a girl or women ever contacted Birthright to say, ‘I wish you would have talked me out of having the baby’. To the contrary, the women know the miracle of life.”

Too often the abortion industry spins a web of lies to convince women that abortion is their only option.  When asked what is the biggest myth of the abortion industry, Mr. Chardos responded, “Not acknowledging that “It” is a baby.”

Birthright of Columbia. Inc. is a pro-life emergency pregnancy service offering positive assistance and aid to girls and women faced with an unplanned or problem pregnancy. The Columbia Chapter is one of more than 230 Birthright chapters that exist worldwide, initially founded by Louise Summerhill in 1968.

Each year over 300 clients are assisted with prenatal care, community resources, baby clothes, health care items, GED assistance, and maternity clothing.  All services are free.  There is also support provided for birth dads.

For more information on Birthright of Columbia, please visit their website at or their Facebook page at

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Alesia Brown, a new Friend in Las Vegas, Nevada

Day of Tears has a friend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her name is Alesia Brown and she is the Executive Director of First Choice Pregnancy Services.Alesia brown pic

Anne Fitzgerald of the Day of Tears team sent an email to Alesia to spread our message and when Alesia replied to Anne’s email, a new friend was found.

Alesia moved to Las Vegas after facing personal tragedy. “I had been married for 26 years working with my husband who was a Pastor. I received a call from a friend, whose 16-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer; I came down to be a support to her and her family.”

“While in Las Vegas, I received word that my husband had committed suicide. I did not go back; I stayed in Las Vegas to begin a new life.  During the time of transition I began to work for First Choice Pregnancy Services in the area of Fundraising.”

Alesia Brown is committed to the unborn and their mothers. “I continue to feel a pull on my heart for the unborn; I am in for the long-haul to fight for the sanctity of life.”

“My favorite story is regarding a young woman who was brought to the United States by a family friend who later betrayed her. Her identification was taken and she was forced to work for less than $2 an hour. In the midst of this situation she became pregnant.”

Alesia and First Choice Pregnancy Services gave counseling, provided resources, and furnished a place of shelter. The young woman was taken out of a desperate situation, delivered a healthy baby boy and she is now on the road to a new life.

When asked what advice she has for women facing unplanned pregnancy, Ms. Brown offered this, “You are not alone, there is help for you.”

First Choice Pregnancy Services is one of the busiest crisis pregnancy centers in the country, screening over 6,000 ladies in pregnancy crisis last year alone. All of their services are free and one hundred percent of donations come from individual, community organizations and corporate donors.  They offer pregnancy tests, options consultations and ultrasounds.

First Choice has been recognized by Focus on the Family for its innovative and focused approach to accomplish its mission. They will host their Gift of Life Banquet on Monday, November 23rd with Dr. Ben Carson as the Keynote Speaker.

For more information on First Choice Pregnancy Services, please visit their website at

Day of Tears is happy to have such a good friend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Finding a Friend on a Business Call

On Monday, November 9th, I received a telephone call from a major financial institution. The caller introduced himself as Tom S. and said he was calling to discuss our banking relationships.

Tom was pleasant and inquisitive as he asked about our “business.”

After a few minutes of discussion, Tom asked why we were named Day of Tears and what was our product or service. It was an opening that could not be missed.

After hearing about the two goals of the Day of Tears — to name January 22nd the Day of Tears and to encourage people to lower their flags — Tom announced that he is a fan.

While we were talking, I suggested that he pull up our website, He did that quickly. He said that our site was exceptional and was very complimentary of both the design and the content. That is high praise as it comes from a major corporation.

As we were exchanging good-byes, Tom said that he has a flagpole in front of his home and that he would definitely lower his flag on January 22nd.

The Day of Tears found a good friend during a routine business call, and I was reminded that we have many good friends, just like Tom, all across the country. Ken Adams

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